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1 Corinthians

Paul's two letters to the Corinthians, especially the first, bring us the glorious truths that our Lord Jesus has set forth in the Church. First Corinthians gives substance to the gifts of God. This beautiful book also explains His ordinances in the New Covenant; the order which the Church should adhere to. It is a book about the ministries of His body, the Church – that is, us how these ministries come together in glorifying Him in worship, praise and thanksgiving, and how the Church can grow together as one as He gives gifts for the mission He has given us, the Great Commission.

The series started in January 2016.
We start a new theme in March 2017: Spiritual Gifts, based on chapters 12-14. (Dates may change.)

2 March:   Spiritual gifts - the Giver
9 March:   The purposes of the gifts (building the body)
16 March: The purposes of the gifts (the bonds of love)
23 March: The purposes of the gifts (proclamations of the Gospel)
30 March: Gifts of ministries (governance of his Church - part 1)
6 April:     Gifts of ministries (governance of his Church- part 2)
13 April:   Gifts of ministries (governance of his Church - part 3)
20 April:   Manifestations - gifts of understanding (wisdom)
27 April:   Manifestations - gifts of understanding (knowledge)
4 May:     Manifestations - gifts of understanding (discernment of spirits)
11 May:   Divine operations (healing)
18 May:   Divine operations (working of miracles)
25 May:   Divine operations (gifts of faith)
1 June:    Gifts of edifications (tongues)
8 June:    Gifts of edifications (interpretations)
15 June:  Gifts of edifications (prophecy)

Other topics covered have included:

The Called of God

The Chosen Things of God

The Mind of Christ

The Foolishness of God

God, the Farmer, Builder and Engineer

For God has revealed unto us by His Spirit

But you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God
No man can say that Jesus is Lord but by the Holy Spirit 

Our Body his Temple

Free or slaves

Wisdom or foolishness
Judge or judge not?
Do you love your brother?
The Ordinances: the image of God and the Church:
- Baptism: death to life; into the body of Christ; through the Spirit
- Communion: one body
- Head covering: glorifying the Father; the submission of the Church
- Tithing: for the ministry; for our brothers and sisters


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