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                 News and events

                  Worship in church
This Sunday 22 May 10.30am. Morning worship led by Mr Chris Marsh.

Church Anniversary service
We shall celebrate our church anniversary with worship on 29 May on the theme of the sermon on the mount.

Meetings this week
Monday 23. Bible Study at Wesley 10.30am. Fellowship Group at Terry and Marylyn's 2.30pm.

Thursday 26
. Bright Hour Fellowship. Ascension Day with Terry Rowell. 2.30pm Room 1.

Other group meetings online.

Platinum Jubilee party
Our grand Jubilee tea party in Watlington Street is on Saturday 4 June from 3.00 to 6.00pm. Join us for tea and cakes.

Bible Month
Wesley has joined in with the Methodist Church’s Bible Month every year. This year the chosen book is Isaiah. Yes, 66 chapters in four weeks.
We are running Bible Month from 26 June until 17 July, both in church and online. The services will be different, so there will be benefit in joining both.


Spokes parent and toddler group meets on Monday mornings, 10.00-11.30, in the church hall.

The Traidcraft stall has resumed business once a month.

84 Queen’s Road
Phase 1 of the project has now been completed.
Phase 2: the kitchen and dining room. The contract is ready to start.

                 Eco church
Wesley is supporting No Mow May - so excuse the long grass for the next few weeks.
Wesley has gained a bronze award as an eco church.

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