Our archive of services online


29th March 2020   Symon Turner. Video   

Palm Sunday 5 April 2020 Stephen Appiah

Easter Sunday 12 April 2020 David Shaw. Video

Sunday 19 April. Wesley worship leaders. Video

Sunday 26 April. David Shaw: sharing with Jesus. Video

Sunday 3 May. Jenny Dowding: the abundant life. Video

Sunday 10 May. David Shaw. Video

Sunday 17 May. Peter Frank. Video

Sunday 24 May. Jackie Case: church anniversary, Thy Kingdom Come. Video

Sunday 31 May. Nigel Hardcastle: Pentecost. Video

Sunday 7 June. Tony Bell, Chris Evans: Ruth chapter 1. Text. Video

Sunday 14 June. Chris Marsh: Ruth chapter 2. Text. Video

Sunday 21 June. Jenny Dowding, David Shaw: Ruth chapter 3. Text. Video

Sunday 28 June. Marion Cruddas, Martin Beukas: Ruth chapter 4. Text. Video

Sunday 5 July. Junior Church. Video

Sunday 12 July. Neil Graham. Video

Sunday 19 July. David Shaw, Jon Skeat. Video

Sunday 26 July. David Shaw. Video

Sunday 2 August. David Shaw, Andrew de Ville. Video

Sunday 9 August. Worship leaders team. Video

Sunday 16 August. Stephen Appiah. Video

Sunday 23 August. Jenny Dowding. Video

Sunday 30 August. Peter Frank. Video

Sunday 6 September. Ruth Midcalf. Video

Sunday 13 September. Symon Turner: forgiveness. Video

Sunday 20 September. David Shaw: Harvest. Video

Sunday 27 September. Alison Parker: God be in my head. Video

Sunday 4 October. David Shaw: God the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Video

Sunday 11 October. Peter Frank: God the Creator of Human Beings. Video

Sunday 18 October. Nigel Hardcastle: God who Provides. Video

Sunday 25 October. Worship leaders: the Creator Rejected. Video

Sunday 1 November. Stephen Appiah: God has made himself known. Video

Sunday 8 November. Remembrance. Video

Sunday 15 November. David Shaw. Video

Sunday 22 November. Lesley Martin. Video

Sunday 29 November. Advent Sunday. Jenny Dowding. Christ is with us in our weakness. Video

Sunday 6 December. Advent 2. David Shaw. Christ is with us in the physicak world. Video

Sunday 13 December. Advent 3. Peter Frank. Christ is with us in our relationships with God. Video

Sunday 20 December. Advent 4. David Shaw and friends. Christ is with us in our human relationships. Video

Friday 25 December. Christmas Day celebration. Video

Sunday 27 December. Worship leaders. Video


Sunday 3 January. Nigel Hardcastle: Transformation. Video

Sunday 10 January. David Shaw: covenant. Video

Sunday 17 January. June Hardcastle. Video

Sunday 24 January. Peter Frank: Wesley charity hub. Video

Sunday 31 January. Ruth Midcalf: Called for Mission. Video

Sunday 7 February. David Shaw. Video

Sunday 14 February. Stephen Appiah. Video

Sunday 21 February. Andy Moffoot: ‘Let there be light’. Video

Sunday 28 February. Martin Beukes. Video

Sunday 7 March. Peter Frank: ‘Let the land produce vegetation’. Video

Sunday 14 March. David Shaw: ‘Let there be lights in the sky’. Video

Sunday 21 March. Ruth Midcalf: ‘Let the waters teem with …’ . Video

Sunday 28 March. Palm Sunday. Jon Skeet: ‘Let the land produce …’ . Video  

Good Friday. David Shaw and others. Video

Sunday 4 April. Easter Sunday. David Shaw. Video

Sunday 11 April. Wesley worship leaders. Video

Sunday 18 April. Jenny Dowding. Video

Sunday 25 April. David Shaw. Video

Sunday 2 May. Peter Frank. Video

Sunday 9 May. Stephen Appiah. Video

Sunday 16 May. Tony Bell. Video

Sunday 23 May Pentecost. David Shaw. Video

Sunday 30 May Trinity Sunday. Valerie Fisher. Video

Sunday 6 June Bible Month 1. Mark. Audrey Browne. Video

Sunday 13 June Bible Month 2. Mark. Tessa Bennett. Video

Sunday 20 June Bible Month 3. Mark. Martin Beukes. Video

Sunday 27 June Bible Month 4. Mark 10. Ruth Midcalf. Video

Sunday 4 July. Bible Month 5. Mark 15-16. David Shaw. Video

Sunday 11 July. Jon Skeet. Mark 16. Video

Sunday 18 July. David Jenkins. 'Repent'. Video

Sunday 25 July. Stephen Appiah. Video

Sunday 1 August. Peter Frank. Video

Sunday 8 August. Symon Turner. Video

Sunday 15 August. Lesley Martin. Video

Sunday 22 August. Ruth Midcalf. Video

Sunday 29 August. Jenny Dowding. Video

Sunday 5 September. David Shaw. Acts 1, part 1. Video

Sunday 12 September. Revelation chapters 2 and 3. Video

Sunday 19 September. Harvest. Video

Sunday 26 September. David Jenkins: 'Speaking'. Video

Sunday 3 October. David Shaw. Acts series no. 2. Video

Sunday 10 October. Ruth Midcalf. 'Welcoming'. Video

Sunday 17 October. Stephen Appiah. Video

Sunday 24 October. David Shaw. Video

Sunday 31 October. Tiri Manhera 'Godly People'. Video

Sunday 7 November. David Shaw Acts ch. 1 vv15-26. Video

Sunday 14 November. Remembrance. Video

Sunday 21 November. Tony Bell: Be Still and Know. Video

Sunday 28 November. Advent Sunday: Hope. Video

Sunday 5 December. Second week in Advent: Peace. Video

Sunday 12 December. Third week in Advent: Joy. Video

Sunday 19 December. Fourth week in Advent: Love. Video

25-26 December. Christmas 2021. Video


2 January. Terry Rowell: A Saviour for All. Video

9 January. Ruth Midcalf: Light of the World. Video

16 January. Tony Bell: Baptism in faith. Video

23 January. June Hardcastle: the wedding at Cana. Video

30 January. Peter Frank: 'Humility'. Video

6 February. Lesley Martin: 'We Would See Jesus'. Video

13 February. Stephen Appiah:'Are there equal opportunities in the Kingdom of God?' Video

20 February. David Shaw: Acts series. Chapter 2. Video

27 February. Martin Beukes:'Holding a grudge? Or turning to forgiveness?' Video

5 March. Peter Frank: 'Transfiguration. Trans what?' Video

12 March. Valerie Fisher: 'Such Love'. Video

20 March. June Hardcastle: 'How will you be known?' Video

27 March. David Jenkins: 'Ambassadors of the New Creation.' Video

3 April. David Shaw: 'Who do you say Jesus is?' Video

10 April. June Hardcastle: 'Hosanna and Salvation'. Video

17 April. David Shaw. Christ is risen. Video

24 April. Worship Team At Home in the Bible. Video

1 May. Jenny Dowding: Who's in Charge? Video

8 May. Martin Beukes: A Call to Witness. Video

15 May. David Shaw: Resurrection - the game-changer. Video

22 May. Peter Frank: 'Lifting Souls'. Video

29 May. At Home in the Bible 2: Looking for Jesus in the Old Testament. Video

5 June. Jubilee and Pentecost. David Jenkins: 'Energising'. Video

12 June. June Hardcastle: 'Being people of the Trinity'. Video

19 June. Isaiah and his prophecies. Video

26 June. Stephen Appiah: Bible Month 1. 'Tough Love'. Video

3 July. June Hardcastle: Bible Month 2. 'Light to the World'. Video

10 July. Peter Frank: Bible Month 3. 'Faithful Servant'. Video

17 July. Martin Beukes: Bible Month 4. 'A New World'. Video

24 July. Tony Bell: 'Mercy not Sacrifice'. Video

24 July. Tony Bell: 'Mercy not Sacrifice'. Video

7 August. Alan Haine: 'Truly at One'. Video

14 August. Stephen Appiah. ''The Raising of Lazarus: living and dying in Christ'. Video

21 August. June Hardcastle. 'Wonderful Things of Jesus'. Video

28 August. David Shaw. 'Who's in and who's out?' Video

4 September. Peter Frank. 'Works of Art'. Video

11 September. Tony Bell. 'Geing God's Servant'

18 September. Valerie Fisher. 'Who is my Neighbour?'

25 September. Stephen Appiah. 'God at Work'. Video

2 October. David Shaw. 'God in Creation'. Video

9 October. David Munns. 'Unity and diversity in Christ'. Video

16 October. Nick Klingaman. 'Righteousness and being a disciple of Christ.' Video

23 October. Stephen Appiah. 'Worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.' Video

30 October. Chris Marsh. 'Hearing God's Call'. Video

6 November. David Shaw. 'Greed'. Video

13 November. A Meditation for Remembrance. Video

20 November. Tony Bell. The Parable of the Sower. Video

4 December. Helen Watson. Advent prophecies: The People who walked in darkness. Video

11 December. David Shaw. Advent prophecies: The stone the builders has become the cornerstone. Video

18 December. Andrew de Ville. Advent prophecies: There before me was one like a son of man coming with the clouds of heaven. Video

25 December. Christmas. Video


1 January. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit 1: Love. Video

8 January. The Fruit of the Holy Spirit 2: Joy. Video

15 January. The Church on the Edge. David Shaw. Video

22 January. The Fruit of the Spirit 3. Peace. Video

29 January. The Fruit of the Spirit 4. Patience. Video

5 February. The Fruit of the Spirit 5. Kindness. Terry Rowell. Video

12 February. The Fruit of the Spirit 6. Goodness. Worship Team.

19 February. The Transfiguration. Jean Hardcastle. Video

26 February. Fruit of the Spirit 7 Faithfulness. Tracey Darling. Video

5 March. Fruit of the Spirit 8 Gentleness. Patrick Stonehewer. Video

12 March. Fruit of the Spirit  Self-control. David Shaw. Video

19 March. Reflect on the Cross. Rev. Alan Haine. Video

26 March God's Heart for the Community. Rev. David Shaw. Video

2 April. Palm Sunday. Terry Rowell. Video

9 April. Easter joy. Rev. David Shaw. Video

16 April. Renewal and the resurrection. Worship team. Video

23 April. The Power of the Resurrection through Joy or Grief. Rev. Ruth Midcalf. Video

30 April. Surprise: encounters with the risen Christ. Rev. Martin Beukes. Video

7 May. A New World. Nick Klingaman. Video

14 May. Rejoice. Peter Frank. Video

21 May. The Ascension: Thy Kingdom Come. Video

28 May. Pentecost. Video

4 June. Jesus is Lord. David Shaw. Video

11 June. The Holy Spirit is not just for Pentecost. Video

18 June. 'I Don't Know You'. Rev. Martin Beukes. Video

25 June. To whom is the Spirit given? Rev. David Shaw. Video

2 July. Silver and gold have I none. Rev. David Ellis. Video

9 July. Presents and Pearls. Chris Marsh and David Ellis. Video

16 July. Songs of Praise. Video

23 July. James Garnett: What do we value? Video

30 July. David Shaw: Walk humbly with God. Video

6 August. Peter Frank: Listen ... listen. Video

13 August. Martin Beukes: The raising of Lazarus. Video

20 August. Peter Frank: The Faithful Servant. Video

27 August. The book of Revelation 1: Opening the book. Video

3 September. The book of Revelation 2: Scenes in Heaven and on Earth. Video

10 September. The book of Revelation 3: The Cosmic Struggle. Video

17 September. The book of Revelation 4: the triumph of the Lamb. Video

24 September. Play the Long Game. Nick Klingaman. Video

1 October. Bringing in the Sheaves: reflections and songs of praise for harvest. Video

8 October. How has God blessed us? Martin Beukes. Video

15 October. Real Love Wesley. Rev. Rob Cotton. Video

29 October. Where God is there is love. Rev. Jim Booth. Video

5 November. The Heart of Discipleship. Nick Klingaman. Video

12 November. Remembrance meditation. Rev. Lesley Martin. Video

19 November. Reflections on Psalm 51. Video

26 November. Arise, shine. Chris Marsh. Video

3 December. Advent meditation: Out of the ordinary. Video

10 December. Advent 2: Of kings and shepherds. Martin Beukes. Video

17 December. Advent 3. Changing Perceptions. Chris Marsh. Video

24/25 December. Christmas. Peter Frank. Video

31 December. The visit of the magi. Video


7 January
. Meeting Jesus in other people. David Jenkins. Video

14 January. Helping everyone to play their part. Jackie Case. Video

21 January. Really knowing God. Martin Beukes. Video

28 January. Is God Fair? Jenny Dowding. Video

4 February. Does God love me? Claire Simpson. Video

11 February. Trust God ... or money? Video

18 February. Trust God ... pursue happiness? Martin Beukes. Video

25 February. Refocus ... recharge. Terry Rowell. Video

3 March. Jesus Procrastinated. Martin Beukes. Video

10 March. Ordinary and extraordinary people. Video

17 March. Jesus and children. Martin Beukes. Video

24 March. Reflections for Palm Sunday. Video

31 March Easter Sunday. Follow Me! Nick Klingaman. Video

7 April. Reflection on the Road to Emmaus. Video

14 April. Good and evil; freedom and glory. Tony Bell. Video

21 April. Jesus of the scars. Jenny Dowding. Video

28 April. Real Belonging. Martin Beukes. Video

5 May. Home is where Jesus is. Martin Beukes. Video

12 May. I Chose You. Peter Frank. Video

19 May. Meditation for Pentecost. Video

26 May. Life with God in Trinity. Jon Skeet. Video

2 June. Welcoming the Spirit. Chtis Marsh. Video

9 June. Community Spirit. Nick Klingaman. Video

16 June.
Adopted into God's family. Martin Beukes. Video

23 June. The Holy Spirit Empowers Us. Terry Rowell. Video