Visitor's page

Wesley consists of a wide range of different people, from all ages and different backgrounds. Whoever you are, you are very welcome. If you are new to us – or even new to church – you may find the following guide to our Sunday worship helpful.

When to arrive.
The morning service starts at 10.30. If it's your first visit then it's probably best to turn up around 10.20am. But don't worry if you're late - come in anyway. We do have a free car park, though it gets very full on a Sunday morning. For directions to reach us please see the Find Us page.

Getting in.
Wesley is on the street corner, and there are two main entrances to the church. One faces directly on to the main road, Queen's Road - big wooden double doors, which lead into a passage which we know feels a bit like a tunnel. But keep going through the next doors and there'll be somebody waiting to greet you.

The other entrance is set back alongside the car pack, and is of more recent glass construction. There will be people ready to say hello there as well.

What to wear.
Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We are an informal church and accept people as they are. There is no need to dress up, but if you would like to, that’s fine too.

What to expect.
Going anywhere for the first time can be difficult, so here's what you can expect at a worship service at Wesley.

We start our morning service at 10.30am with a welcome by the church steward, who then introduces the person who is leading worship. After a hymn and a prayer, there is generally a short session, usually interactive, which we call the all-age or children’s address – though the adults generally get a lot out of this as well. After 15 or 20 minutes the children and young people go out to Junior Church, while the rest of us remain to listen to the Bible readings, hear the leader’s insights into their relevance and meaning for our modern lives, and join in with more hymns and prayers, particularly for others and the world. The service generally finishes around 11.30am, though later (about 11.45am) if there is communion, which is once a month. We have refreshments after the morning service, and we hope you'll want to stay.

Our evening services start at 6.30pm and are quieter and more meditative in character. Children are of course welcome, but there is no Junior Church. The evening service finishes around 7.30pm, and there is communion once a month. After the evening service it is usual to sit quietly while the musician plays the closing music.

We generally stand up for hymns and sit for everything else. In the morning the hymns and readings are projected on to a screen, though you can ask for a hymn book if you prefer. In the evening we use the hymn books.

We take up an offering during all Sunday services, but if you are a visitor, please don’t feel obliged to contribute. In the morning we stand up when the offering is brought forward, but in the evening we remain seated. (There is no particular reason for this.)

Our hymns and songs are a mixture of modern and traditional. In the morning we usually have a range of musical instruments as well as the piano and organ, including guitars, drums, violins, flute and mandolin.

Our aim is that whether you are just looking into Christianity for the first time or have been a Christian for many years, you should be encouraged and inspired by the morning. We hope that you will feel comfortable with us, and draw closer to God.

What we believe:
We are a Christian church and believe that all can have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. See What’s Christianity for more.

We have friendly relationships with other local churches from both traditional and modern backgrounds. If you are interested in exploring the Christian faith then please come along on a Sunday or email us.

Is it just Sundays?
Absolutely not! God is with us all week long and we aim to lead lives pleasing to him. We're not perfect and we do make mistakes, but we desire to make a positive difference in everything we do. To further encourage us we have midweek small groups (a small group is simply a meeting of maybe 10 people in someone's house or at the church). Small groups are a great way to get to know others in the church, to explore the Bible and what it has to say to us, and to be real with each other about everyday living.

For those with special requirements.
Our premises are accessible for those using wheelchairs. We have reserved parking spaces near the entrance. The audio is amplified and we have a hearing loop.