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Travelling Nativity 2015
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Our knitted 'knitivity' is now in its second year and its cheerful characters have been finding lodging in people's homes, parties, events .... And wherever they went, a diary was kept of comments, pictures, prayers. Here are some examples.

'It was so much fun acting out the story being born with Daddy. First the shepherds came to see Jesus, then three wise men came ... Mummy and I travelled with the nativity to my friend's house. I shared the Christmas story ... They were very happy to see baby Jesus and his love for the whole wide world. (Lisa)

Thank you Lord for giving good to my family. Thank you Lord for the good things that have happened in my life. Thank you Lord for everything I have and the grateful parents of mine. (Sonya)

... Grateful for the continuous support from friends at Wesley. May the message of Christmas bring hope to all of us. Amen. (Esther)

I have so many friends from other churches who do not celebrate Christmas. As we shared the message of the symbol of the Travelling Nativity, the idea has been welcomed by many and therefore came up with personal prayer requests. God welcomes all believers. (Vanderpuye family & friends)

The nativity set was welcomed into our home. Immediately the children unpacked the beautifully knitted characters. They were so happy setting the scene of baby Jesus' birth and shared what they have learned about this special story.... (The Oyedele family)

My name is Ethan and I like the nativity set but Grace and Josh love it because they love the animals ...
tav nat 2
The nativity set visited the Village Barber shop on the corner of Cedar Road and Shinfield Road. All those that were having their hair cut enjoyed seeing us.

Keith Bellamy from Christchurch Court liked the nativity scene. He was pleased how well the characters were made. Nice touch in the social room.

This nativity scene is beautifully made and looks lovely. It reminds me of my childhood and made me smile, so thank you to the church for bringing it here. (Maggie Barnes, Christchurch Court)

Thank you Brenda and Ben for taking us to the Christingle and letting us share the travelling nativity. (Sasha, 7, Mia, 6, and William, 4)

Today we travelled to Basingstoke with Brenda to Saxon Wood School. The children selected each of us from the box and chose where we should stand on the table to make a Nativity Story display. It was quite tiring for us as they kept moving us around! ... It was good that the children instantly recognised who we all were and knew our story already. We loved our visit to school and the children were very excited to see us.

Thanks you for bringing the nativity again. I've marvelled once again at the beautiful work put into these figures. May you continue to travel around for many years. God bless you all. (Aliette)

(19 Dec) A busy day this morning. Ben took us to monthly coffee morning. It was good to see old friends.... After Candlelight Supper we travelled north to Emmer Green. (20 Dec) Bit of a boring morning for us trapped in a box. Richard placed us in his front window, it was good to look out and see the world. Richard took a photo of us and put it on Facebook ... wow, going on national network (we are famous). (21 Dec) Had a lovely visit to Jasmine's house in West Reading. We were sorted out by the Christmas tree and had a great play with Jasmine. The cat was very fond of us at tea!!! (22 Dec) Arrived safely at Spokes parent & toddler group. Some of the children enjoyed playing with us again this year. Had a lovely story about the donkey ... (23 Dec) We have been taken to Northcourt Nursing Home ... The residents enjoyed our company and we enjoyed theirs. We spent the night here ...

Mary has brought us over to see Theo and Gerry this afternoon. Theo really enjoyed feeling us all and gave us such love. She thanked us for making the time to visit us knowing this to be Christmas Eve ... Julie will also be taking us to midnight Mass to be home at Wesley for Christmas. Thank you, dear Lord, for showing us love and caring for us all. Amen.

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